Backup Workloads to Windows Azure Backup Server

Microsoft  has come up with a new component in Azure called Microsoft Azure backup Server which can backup  not only the data but also the work loads of different Applications like SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint etc

This new component Microsoft Azure backup server inherits the functionality of System Center Data protection Manager for workload backup but it neither provide protection on tape nor can integrate with System Center

Prerequisites for Installing Microsoft Azure Backup Server:

  1. The server in which Microsoft Azure backup server is to be installed should be joined to domain
  2. The server should be connected to internet
  3. The server should meet the requirements of .Net 3.5, .Net 4.0, and Windows Management Framework 4.0. (Windows Management Framework can be downloaded here)

Steps for preparing Microsoft Azure backup Server

  1. Create a backup Vault in Azure Portal
  2. Download the Vault Credentials
  3. Use Vault Credentials to authenticate with Azure Backup Service
  4. Download Microsoft Azure Backup Server
  5. Install Azure Backup Server

Methods to backup :

Disks ( D2D) Disk to Disk

Azure ( D2D2C) Disk to Disk to Cloud

Deployment Scenarios : We can deploy Azure backup Server in 

  1. An Azure Virtual Machine
  2. A Windows Virtual Machine in VMWare
  3. A Hyper-V Virtual Machine
  4. A Physical Stand Alone server.


  1. Microsoft Azure Backup server cannot be installed on a machine which has the SCDPM or SCDPM RA agent installed.
  2. Microsoft Azure Backup server cannot be installed on a machine that has Microsoft Azure Backup agent installed and registered with an Azure Backup vault.

Creating a Backup Vault  in Azure Portal :

Sign in to Azure Management Portal (


Navigate to New > Data Services > Recovery Services > Backup Vault and choose Quick Create


What is the vault credential file?

The on-premises server (Windows client or Windows Server or Data Protection Manager server) needs to be authenticated with a backup vault before it can back up data to Azure. The authentication is achieved using “vault credentials”.

The vault credential is used only during the registration workflow. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the vault credentials file is not compromised. If it falls in the hands of any rogue-user, the vault credentials file can be used to register other machines against the same vault. However, as the backup data is encrypted using a passphrase which belongs to the customer, existing backup data cannot be compromised. To mitigate this concern, vault credentials are set to expire in 48hrs. You can download the vault credentials of a backup vault any number of times – but only the latest vault credential file is applicable during the registration workflow.

Download Vault Credentials 

  1. Sign in to Azure Management Portal
  2. Click on Recovery Services , select the backup vault created and select the cloud icon2
  3. Save the Vault Credentials in a location which is accessible by Azure Backup Server

Download Azure Backup Server:



Install the Azure Backup Server as per your infrastructure requirements


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