Integrating SCOM(System Center Operations Manager) with OMS(Operations Management Suite)

Introduction to Operations Management Suite :

what is OMS ? : A Cloud (SaaS) based monitoring tool provided by Microsoft

you can get OMS trial version at

Proactive Monitoring of IT infrastructure is very crucial to achieve the expected results.Gone are the days if something goes wrong and we are notified on that.More focus has been made on Predictive Analysis, Proactive Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Log Analytics,Trending and Forecasting.

Operations Management Suite is an IT management solution that provides realtime Operations intelligence across hybrid environments. Management Suite can collect log data from your environment and analyze it in order to help you seperate signal from the noise

We all need a  Single tool which can achieve all these below parameters:

Notification to be sent forecasting failure

An assessment To be done on complete health and best practices to be followed

A dashboard to be given with all the trending events

A complete log analytics to be given on a particular event

Every change (Software/Application/Service) To be tracked

capacity planning to be done for VM utilization and efficiency, Compute projection and storage utilization

A Single tool can be integrated to On premise datacenter and other Cloud platforms

It is just far above monitoring if a single tool can achieve all these and Microsoft names this intelligence as Operations Management Suite which is simply called as OMS. This OMS is a SaaS offering that can work on any Cloud platform

Scenarios of implementing OMS :

  1. Integrating with existing System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 ( UR7 and Above)
  2. Installing OMS agents directly to our servers if we do not have SCOM ( System Center Operations Manager )

As most of of us rely on System Center Operations Manager as a monitoring solution for IT infrastructure, I would like to explain how we can integrate OMS to System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2.

Steps to integrate Operations Management Suite ( OMS ) with System Center Operations Manager ( SCOM ) 


  1. OMS can be integrated with SCOM 2012 R2. It cannot be integrated with previous versions of SCOM
  2. SCOM should be updated with at least UR7 ( Update Rollup 7) which has the updated Management Packs for the integration
  3. This table will help you identify the build number and UR Version
    Build Number KB Release Date Description
    7.1.10226.0 SCOM 2012 R2 RTM
    7.1.10226.1011 KB2904678 2014, January 27 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 1
    7.1.10226.1015 KB2929891 2014, April 23 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 2
    7.1.10226.1037 KB2965445 2014, July 29 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 3
    7.1.10226.1046 KB2992020 2014, October 28 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 4
    7.1.10226.1052 KB3023138 2015, February 10 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 5
    7.1.10226.1064 KB3051169 2015, April 28 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 6
    7.1.10226.1090 KB3064919 2015, August 11 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 7
    7.1.10226.1118 KB3096382 2015, October 27 SCOM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 8
  4. If you want to upgrade your SCOM environment to UR7, you can refer the below Kevins Blog:
  5. The SCOM Management Server should be open to internet for accessing OMS. As we all know that opening ports in Production server will be restricted by InfoSec Team, alternatively we can use a proxy server and connect to internet.
  6. Get trial subscription of OMS at

Integrating OMS with System Center Operations Manager

check for the version of SCOM to make sure that it is at least rolled with UR7.


Under Administration tab, you can see Operations Management Suite

Note : This tab will be visible only when you import all the management packs during the process of UR upgrade.


Under the Actions pane, you can see the option to Configure Operations Management Suite

Note: As I already configured OMS to SCOM, I get an option to Re-configure instead of Configure Operations Management Suite

Reconfigure OMS.PNG

This will connect to OMS portal where you have to provide your OMS login credentials.

Note : SCOM Management server should be open to internet to access OMS Portal.If you dont have account in OMS, create an account at you can get OMS trial version at

OMS Authentication

Create a new workspace for your OMS account by logging into OMS portal

Workspace creation 2.PNG

Connect that OMS WorkSpace to SCOM during the process of configuration



Now we have configured OMS to connect to  SCOM where we can manage the servers through OMS console

Login to OMS portal by accessing 

OMS Console Console.PNG

Connected Management Group from SCOM

Management Group Connected.PNG

Solutions Available


Add computers through SCOM console by accessing OMS connection tab

Add computer Group.PNG

Server and Management Group Connected to OMS

Server connected.PNG

Solutions Gallery

Solution Gallery.PNG

If you do not have SCOM setup, you can directly download the OMS agent and connect the servers to OMS by giving the workspace id

OMS agent can be downloaded from OMS console under Connected Sources tab



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