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Useful Excel Tips

How to compare two columns in Excel


  1. Select the specific column
  2. Navigate to Home- Conditional Formatting
  3. Select New Rule
  4. Select the option ” Use a formula which cells to format
  5. Add the formula =countif($B:$B, $A1)
  6. Navigate to Format Cells and select Fill
  7. Select any colour to differentiate the results
  8. Now the matching values will have the selected colour

Useful Powershell commands for System Center Operations Manager

  1. Export Management Packs :

To Export all the available Management Packs

Export-SCOMManagementPack -Path “C:\MPArchive”

To Export the List to CSV

Get-SCOMManagementPack | Export-CSV C:\MP.csv

To Export a Specific Management Pack

Get-SCOMManagementPack -Name *ManagementPack Name* | Export-SCOMManagementPack -Path “C:\MPArchive”

To Export Monitors of a Specific Management Pack 

Get-SCOMManagementPack -Name *ManagementPack Name* | Get-SCOMMonitor | Export-csv spmonitor.csv

To Export Rules of a Specific Management Pack 

Get-SCOMManagementPack -Name *ManagementPack Name* | Get-SCOMRule | Export-csv sprule.csv


To get disabled discoveries in a Management Pack

Get-SCOMManagementPack -Name *sharepoint* | where-object {$_.sealed -eq $false} | export-csv disableddiscoveries.csv


To Get the critical errors in SCOM for a particular period

Get-SCOMAlert | Where-Object{$_.Timeraised -gt “5/13/2017”} | where-Object{$_.Severity -eq “error”} | measure | export-csv Warnings.csv


To get the list of all rules/Monitors from all Management Packs

Get-SCOMMonitor | select DisplayName, ManagementPackName, Enabled, ManagementGroup | Export-csv ConsolidatedMonitors.csv

To get the ManagementServer Name to which the Agent/Gateway Server reports to

Get-SCOMGatewayManagementServer |Where {$_.DisplayName -eq “GatewayServerFQDN”} |Get-SCOMParentManagementServer

Get-SCOMAgent |Where{$_.DisplayName -eq “AgentFQDN”} |Get-SCOMParentManagementServer