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List out Grey agents in SCOM with Powershell

# Create a file for output


$startdate =Get-date

$runtime =”$(Get-date -format “M/dd/yyyy H:MM”)”

$CurrentDate = $CurrentDate.ToString(‘MM-dd-yyyy_hh-mm-Ss’)

#get the SystemCenter Agent Class

$agent = Get-SCOMClass | where-object{$ -eq “microsoft.systemcenter.agent”}

#Get the grey agents

$objects = Get-SCOMMonitoringObject -class:$agent | where {$_.IsAvailable –eq $false}

forEach($object in $objects)

# display list of grey agents in PS window

write-host “Greyagents:$object”

#if you want output to Notepad, execute this

$object.displayname+”,”+$Object.HealthState| Out-file $file -append

# if you want output to csv, execute this

$object|Select Displayname,Healthstate | Export-Csv -Path “C:\Greyagents\Greyagents_$currentdate.csv”