Powershell Script to schedule Maintenance Mode in SCOM


$path = “C:\SCOMMaintenanceMode.txt”
$domain = “kartik.com”


$MyFile = Get-content “$path”
foreach($srv in $MyFile)
Write-host “ServerName : $srv”

$startTime = [DateTime]::Now
$endTime = $startTime.AddMinutes(20)

$srv += “.$domain”

$Class = get-SCOMclass | where-object {$_.Name -eq “Microsoft.Windows.Computer”};
$Instance = Get-SCOMClassInstance -Class $Class | Where-Object {$_.Displayname -eq “$srv”};
Start-SCOMMaintenanceMode -Instance $Instance -Reason “PlannedOther” -EndTime $endTime -Comment “Scheduled SCOM Maintenance Window”




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