Analytics in Azure Information Protection

When we are managing cloud based solutions, it is important to have visibility to anything that can impact availability, performance and compliance. Analytics in Azure Information protection (AIP) gives deeper insights on usage reports, Activity logs, Data discovery and recommendation

This analytics service in AIP gives the organization complete visibility and control of the user activity and device activity with respect to documents/emails which are getting classified and protected.

Few examples of metrics being collected for AIP

Usage report:

  • Labels being applied to a document/email
  • Number of documents/emails classified/protected
  • Count of users and devices labeling the documents/emails

Activity report:

  • Labeling actions performed by a user/device
  • Which users have accessed a specific document
  • which labeling actions were performed by a specific application

These reports make use of Azure monitor service to store the data in Log Analytics workspace the organization owns which provides single source for monitoring Azure sources.


  • Azure subscription that includes log analytics with Azure Monitor. For pricing, refer here 
  • Windows-10 client machine which is installed with AIP agent.

Steps to enable Analytics in AIP:

login to Azure portal


Navigate to Azure Information protection pane



Enable Analytics for Azure tenant 




Create  a new Log Analytics workspace


Create sample AIP Labels 


login to a client machine which is installed with AIP client

AIP client can be downloaded from here

Classify few sample documents and emails 6


Navigate to Analytics section and validate the user activity with respect to labeling




Hence, these analytics will help us to get the granular details of the user and device activity for classification and protection














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