Hello Everyone.

This is Kartik Kopalle. I work on Data Center, Virtualization, Cloud and Data Security.

Areas of Expertise:

Microsoft System Center Suite :

System Center Operations Manager

System Center Configuration Manager

System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Virtualization :

Microsoft Hyper-V

Public Cloud :

Microsoft Azure (IAAS)

Amazon Web Services (IAAS)

Microsoft Operations Management Suite ( SaaS ) 

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (Saas)

Azure Information Protection (Saas)


I write this blog to share my experiences which I gain from different projects.

Contact : kartik36524@gmail.com

Twitter : @kartik36524


My Personal Interests:

Travel: I like to go for long drives and explore the places which are close to nature. Being close to nature makes me feel being close to myself

Eco Friendly Energy: I like to find ways in choosing the energies which are friendly to Nature, that way I want to contribute my part in saving the planet for Future generations. I want to find ways in reducing air and water pollution. The easiest way is to plant more trees and not polluting the Rivers. Let us give good life to next generation by saving our environment

Give more to villages: When I travel to developed countries, I find little difference in the Country sides and the cities in terms of infrastructure. All the regions which are far away from cities are having good transportation, education, security and Health care. I wish and hope villages in India to be seen with good colleges, roads and hospitals.  An ambulance should come faster than a food delivery service, a farm land should get proper electricity than a shopping mall, good education is to made affordable than a high end smart phone



My Career:

Wipro Technologies


Hewlett Packard Global Soft

Hp logo


Microland Ltd


Standard Chartered Global Business Services





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